Many of us avoid calling North Georgia pest control contractors to help us get rid of pests. We try our best in dealing with the situation in whichever ways possible. When it comes right down to it, we need to hire them. When pests destroy your night’s sleep and property, it is time to draw the line and get professional pest control help. However, finding a pest control contractor can be as difficult as getting rid of the pests.

Follow a few simple steps and you may find the right one:

  • Ask for referrals: Ask people you know for names of contractors who have helped them in similar situations. You can also call the Better Business Bureau for a couple of names. Once you are able to collect a few names, list them to make things easier.
  • Contact the pest control offices: Contact each office individually and find out which areas they service. If it is the area that you live in, it’s good but if not then you need to cut down on your options.
  • Call them over: Ask the North Georgia pest control contractor to visit your house so that they can inspect the infected areas. You can also request them, during this visit, to provide you the names of references, license number and an estimate for the job. If they do not have any of these you should immediately exclude them from your list. On the contrary, if they are able to provide you with this information, verify how they intend on removing the pests from your house. Ask them what kind of products they will be using and their effect on human and pets.
  • Do a little research: After collecting the references and license numbers, it is time to check their legitimacy. Call up the Better Business Bureau and with the help of their license numbers you would be able to run a check on their track records. See if any complaints were filed against them. Call the references for each contractor and ask if the service they provided was effective or not along with the price charged.

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