There’s nothing quite as relieving as spring coming into full swing. There’s a feeling of renewal, and as the cold weather starts to die down and warm up, everyone starts to feel better and act happier. Unfortunately, this is also a time when Marietta ants can start to get out of control.

No one is terribly afraid a few ants here or there, but if they’ve started to move in and colonize your home, you’ve got to do something about it. If the problem gets too bad, you may need to hire a Marietta ant control professional. But as long as the problem is manageable, there are some natural and simple ways to handle an ant invasion. And fortunately, you most likely have everything you need already in your home.

Here are a few things you can use to naturally deter ants away from your home:

Black Pepper

If you see a gathering of ants, try sprinkling some black pepper on the area. The ants will immediately scatter. The pungent smell of the pepper is enough to repel the ants (which you’ll find is a recurring theme).


White vinegar or apple cider vinegar can be a natural fungicide and insecticide. Fill a spray bottle with vinegar and treat the areas where you’ve seen ants. The low pH levels will kill most ants, and it’s a great way to clean some of your surfaces while you’re at it.


Mint destroys the olfactory senses of ants and can prevent them from ever entering your home. There are a few ways you can use mint to get rid of ants. Planting some mints around your home, especially near entryways, will help to get rid of your Marietta ant problem. You can also place a few mint leaves on your windows to keep them from coming in. And if you’ve found ants in your pantry or cupboards, you can place a few mint leaves on the shelves and in the corners.

Cinnamon Sticks and Garlic Cloves

Just like the mint, placing cinnamon sticks or garlic cloves near the entryways of your home will prevent ants from coming in. And if you’ve noticed Marietta ants in any particular part of your home, placing them there can get rid of the problem. Garlic cloves and cinnamon sticks will work equally well, but the cinnamon sticks may help your home smell a little better.

Other Plants

There are plenty of other plants you can use, and it’s worth checking around your home to find something you already have and skipping a trip to the store. The more pungent the scent of the plant, the better it’ll be at keeping ants at bay. Here are a few you can use:

  • Basil

  • Lavender

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme

  • Chili Pepper

Keep in mind, the key to all of this is persistence. And if the problem isn’t going away or is getting worse, don’t hesitate to call a Marietta ant control professional.

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