DIY projects are extremely popular, and there’s good reason for that. We love doing things are own that improve our homes because it’s rewarding, fun, and educational. Changing out some fixtures, fixing a leaky faucet, or doing a little painting can be a great way to spend a Saturday off, but there are some projects that you should leave to a professional.

If you need to work with electrical wires, climb very high, or spend too much time on a job, then you probably need to hire a professional. It’s also important to rely on a professional any time you need to know that the job will be done as thoroughly and reliably as possible.

If you spot a bee, an ant, or a fly, you’ll probably be okay if you don’t hire a professional. If you see a termite or a bed bug, or if you seen signs of a serious infestation, then you probably need to hire a professional pest control service. At PCS Pest Control Solutions, our professional Marietta pest control experts can help you get rid of any infestation you encounter in your home.

If you’re unsure about whether or not you need a professional insect or termite control service for the job, consider these things:

The Expense

  • Doing it Yourself

If you do the project on your own, you’ll only need to purchase the chemicals for the job.

  • Hiring a Professional pest control service

Although you’ll pay more for a professional than you would for the store-bought pesticides, in the long-run, it may actually be the cheaper option. The pesticides you purchase might not be effective, and if you continue to re-buy them, those costs add up. Plus, the pests can do damage to your home in the meantime.


  • Doing it Yourself

Go to the store, purchase the product, and do it at your own convenience.

  • Hiring a professional pest control service

It can be difficult to find an exterminator who will take your needs into account. Our Marietta pest control experts will work with you find a convenient time and make sure that we always arrive and complete the job on schedule.


  • Doing it Yourself

All you’ll have is the instructions on the label and whatever you can find on the internet. Good luck!

  • Hiring a Professional

Our Marietta pest control experts are experienced and knowledgeable, so we’ll always be able to solve your infestations quickly, thoroughly, and accurately.


  • Doing it Yourself

Store-bought chemicals might be dangerous. They could potentially cause harm to pets, children, or plants in and around your home. The other major risk is that the store-bought products won’t be effective, which is definitely a concern for any bigger infestations. If the problem seems very large, you’re better off with a professional.

  • Hiring a Professional pest control service

When you hire our Marietta pest control experts, you don’t have much risk. We’ll make sure the infestation is totally eliminated, and all of our work comes with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re looking for pest control services, call PCS Pest Control Solutions at 770-290-1970, or fill out our online request form.