Pest control for invasive household ants in North Georgia can be an ongoing process that never seems to end. Ants are found just about everywhere on the earth, so it’s no surprise when they make their way to the state of Georgia and invade our homes. Did you know that within the last 100 years, ants have established colonies in at least 15 new countries? You can think of ants as a massive blob of swarms that move all around the world. Could they indeed be a superorganism with one central hive mind?

Ants come in many sizes, from teeny-tiny to 2 inches long. A 2.4-inch long fossil of a *T. giganteum* ant was found. Imagine that thing crawling up your leg! Here are some other interesting facts about ants in North Georgia that you may not know.

Most Common Georgia Ants

Fire ants – Get rid of one fire ant pile and five more pop up. Fire ants are hard to control so you really have to keep at it. The problem is that fire ants are so invasive that they’re just about everywhere in Georgia. Just think about the storm surge from Katrina and Harvey, those fire ants just latched onto each other and created a raft made of themselves so they could safely float around. Getting rid of fire ants indoors is different than outdoors. Don’t mess around with household products, call a professional North Georgia pest control service.

Carpenter ants – As their name implies, carpenter ants love wood so they prevail in forested areas. They are often mistaken for termites since they burrow into wood. You can keep carpenter ants from invading your home by getting rid of any rotting wood, leaf debris, and firewood on your property. If you must store firewood, make sure it is raised and is not anywhere near your house.

Argentine ants – Argentine ants love to invade homes, especially in the kitchen. They love anything sweet to eat over sources of protein. One problem is that their colonies have multiple queens, so they’re harder to get rid of. Did you know that their colony can stretch to 3700 miles wide? Talk about ant invasion, creepy!

One Crazy Ant That Moved To Georgia

Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana weren’t good enough for the invasive Rasberry crazy ant. Otherwise known as the tawny crazy ant, *Nylanderia fulva* was reported to have invaded a Georgia assisted living facility in late 2013.* If you see an ant you aren’t familiar with, it could be the tawny crazy ant. They are very small with a reddish color. They don’t march in a row and do move very fast.

This pest loves electricity for some reason and can blow out some breakers if they get into electrical boxes. If you have this type of ant infestation, you will know due to the overwhelming number in the colony. Distressingly, they swarm in inches-deep piles. Known as the “ant from hell”, call us right away if you spot them. Let’s kick this ant’s butt back to Florida!

No, That Is Not An Ant

The red velvet ant, or *Dasymutilla occidentalis*, is not an ant but is a wasp. It is a wingless female wasp that can be found in Georgia. The red velvet ant is also known as the cow killer ant. Don’t worry, though. It’s only referred to in that way because the sting hurts so much it’s enough to kill a cow. It really hurts.

This pest will be alone because it doesn’t live in a colony or nest with others. The female is wingless, hairy (up close), and is bright red and black. You don’t want this pest crawling around in the bed sheets at night!

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