Many North Georgia homeowners ask themselves what termite damage actually looks like. If you are a responsible homeowner, this is one question you should never fail to ask yourself. You should know the damage that is and can be caused by termite infestation in your building. Therefore, the best way to start is by asking yourself what termite damage looks like and educate yourself on the matter before termites actually infest your home or building.

So what does it look like when termites damage your North Georgia home? Mud tubes are the most obvious signs of damage caused by termites in your home. These mud tubes serve as shelter for the termites and usually these can be found near the foundations of the building. The areas where wood contacts soil are the first places you should check while searching for signs of termite infestation. Wood, especially moist wood, is food for termites. Such wood is usually found near the foundations of the building.

Termites begin with a small hole that will get them inside the wood, and then they gradually eat through it. Then they make small tunnels and burrow through wood. These tunnels can become really long, if the damage has been present for a long time. What does this kind of damage look like? This looks like some small animal is making trails through your wood.

A few signs that betray termite damage are wood sounding hollow on being tapped with a screwdriver handle, softwood giving way easily to a tool and a gritty and thin material being found on the damaged material’s surface. Also discarded wings, bubbling or cracked paint of termite droppings are signs of infestation. Once you are certain what you are searching for, it is easy to find out if your house has been damaged due to termites or not.

You can always use the internet to find out what termite damage actually looks like. Use your favorite search engine and use the appropriate keywords to find out. If you are using the Google search engine or a search engine with an image tab, it is best to use the option. You will be able to see hundred pictures of termite damage, and this will make it easier for you to locate termite damage in the building.

If you care about your building or property, make sure that you ask yourself what termite damage actually looks like. It is your property and it is your responsibility to maintain it, so looking for termite damage is a very good step towards protecting your structure. And if somebody else asks you any doubts regarding termite damage, you will have an answer ready.

If you do find that your home does in fact have termite damage, it is always best to speak with a North Georgia pest control specialist.  They have the knowledge and experience to administer proper termite control.

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