As we move out of winter and into the warmer parts of the year, Marietta homeowners get excited about Spring cleaning, Summer barbecues, and renovation projects. But what they often don’t consider is that as the weather gets warmer, termites start to swarm and form new colonies. And as far as they’re concerned, your home isn’t anything more than dead wood that they can make a home in.

More than $5 billion in home damages are caused by termites each year. They’re active 24 hours a day, and you often won’t see much damage until it’s too late. Termites will do the damage at a very slow rate, so if you notice subtle signs of infestation, you don’t necessarily need to panic. But having a Marietta termite control professional take care of the problem before it gets much, much worse can be highly beneficial.

Termites are highly social insect, and they’re very smart and resourceful. In places like Africa and Australia, where termite problems are worse, homes are built on stilts covered in metal to prevent termite infestation. And in the wilderness in these places, you can find the termite mounds that are two or three times the size of a human. We don’t have it so bad here, but termites can still do a lot of damage to your home, and if you start to notice the signs of infestation, you’ll need to contact a Marietta termite control professional as soon as possible.

Marietta Termite Prevention

There are some things you can do to guard against Marietta termite infestation, and a professional can make sure your home is properly guarded against damage. Before you buy a home, you should always have a professional inspection to find any infestation that you may not notice until your new home starts to fall apart. And whether you’ve started to notice signs of infestation or have no idea if there are termites in your home, an annual inspection can stop the problem before it spreads. Our Marietta termite control professionals can also provide you preventative measure to keep your home from ever becoming infested.

Marietta Termite Infestation Signs

If you see a swarm of termites in your home, call a professional immediately. This means that the infestation has gotten to a point where members of the colony are leaving to form their own colonies. If you find a group of their wings on the floor, it means they’ve swarmed for reproduction, another sign the infestation is quite large.

Termites may look like ants, so if you think you have an ant problem in your home, make sure to take a closer look. And if you find tiny wings on any surfaces, it’s worth it to call a Marietta termite control professional.

As the weather starts to get warmer, don’t lose sight of the fact that termites will become a bigger problem. And if you notice any signs of infestation, don’t hesitate to call a Marietta termite control professional.

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