Ants are the most common pest that we deal with at PCS Pest Control Solutions. These tiny critters have a special knack for finding their way into all sorts of unexpected places in your North Georgia home. They are considered a nuisance pest, especially when they come into your kitchen or bathroom foraging for food and water.

The Ant Infestation Problem

Your average ant colony has over 500,000 ants in it, which includes multiple queens producing thousands of eggs daily. Once these ants establish a route into your North Georgia home, they are very hard to control because of the sheer numbers of ants. You can kill all the ants you see, but in reality you haven’t even begun to affect the total number of ants in the colony. The queens will continue to produce new ants on a daily basis.

Ant Removal Solutions

Your best shot in getting rid of a serious ant infestation is by calling a professional ant control company such as PCS Pest Control Solutions. An ant removal specialist will be able to tailor an appropriate ant removal treatment for your home, as well as for the specific species of ant. The ant removal traps and baits that we use are formulated to have the largest impact on a colony. The best ant removal solution typically involves a type of bait that contains a time-released poison. This way, the worker ants have time to spread the bait throughout the entire ant colony. The entire ant colony is quickly wiped out, solving your North Georgia ant infestation problem for good.