The treatment for German roaches really depends on the degree of infestation present at your home or business.

If it’s a light infestation, we’ll apply roach bait in specific areas and install pheromone boxes to catch the roaches.

We will also use some specific spray and dust products in the cracks and crevices, as well as around the major appliances in the kitchen.

If the roaches are also in other rooms and bathrooms in the house, those areas will be treated as well.

If the roach infestation is large, then a clean-out is required. That is a procedure that requires the removal of all items from the kitchen cabinets, so that they can be sprayed and baited.

We will also use a vacuum cleaner to capture the roaches as they run out of their hiding places. We will then set you up on a monthly service to make sure that we get full control of your German roach infestation.

The cost of the services can range depending on how extensive the clean-out and removal is.

Please call us and we’ll discuss your particular problem, and how we can help you resolve it.