Did you know that termites cause upwards of 5 billion dollars in structural damage in US homes and businesses? Many homeowners wonder how they can spot termites before any damage can occur. Early infestations of termites can be hard to spot, and by the time you suspect termites have taken up residence in your North Georgia home, the damage will have already been done.

Termite infestations are an extremely common problem for Georgia homeowners. The only way to keep termites out of your home with any certainty is by signing up for regular termite control services. A licensed and reputable termite control company will offer you a termite warranty (or bond), which covers termite damage repair and unscheduled retreats, in addition to quarterly maintenance.

Termite Removal Solutions

At PCS Pest Control Solutions, we offer two methods of termite removal solutions for your North Georgia home:

  • Termite baiting is an option for removing termites from your North Georgia home. The baits consists of paper, cardboard, or other materials that termites like to eat, which is then combined with a slow-acting termite poison. These baits are installed throughout your property just underneath the ground, and indoors, near active termite areas, if necessary. Similar to many common ant baits, the termites take the bait and share it with the rest of their colony, causing the termite population to decline over time.