At PCS Pest Control Solutions, we offer comprehensive termite warranties to ensure that your North Georgia area home or business is fully protected against any future termite infestations. Continuing termite coverage can save you money over time while keeping your home’s internal structure safe and secure from the threat of termites and other pests.

Once your North Georgia home has been successfully treated for termites, and all termite damage has been repaired, we will offer you a termite warranty. A termite warranty from PCS Pest Control Solutions will cover termite re-treatment and removal services, in the event that termites return to your home. If your North Georgia home qualifies, your termite warranty will also include what is referred to as damage repair coverage.

Termites do an estimated five billion dollars of damage to homes & businesses a year just in the United States, and your homeowners’ policy doesn’t cover termite damage. Damage repair coverage can make a huge difference in cost, if you find that termites have caused considerable structural damage to your home. Without damage repair coverage from PCS Pest Control Solutions, you may find yourself unable to keep up with all the damages caused by a termite infestation. It is extremely important to hire a pest control company that offers you that offers a termite warranty with included damage repair converage, to help you protect your most valuable asset, your North Georgia home.

Termite Coverage We Provide:

  • Extended termite coverage
  • Apartment complex termite warranties
  • Residential termite warranties
  • Commercial termite warranties
  • Homeowners’ termite coverage
  • Office and business termite coverage